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Thank you Irene@adamine
9. I love strawberries

Anything strawberry flavoured, I’d probably like it. I think I got a sweet tooth lol. Strawberry Slush. Strawberry cake. Strawberry smoothie. Strawberry Icecream. Strawberry Milk. Strawberry. I like it all. I LIKE IT ALL.

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8. I love dogs

But not just any dogs.
My favourite breed are Huskies, Malamutes, and German Shepards. My dream is to own AT LEAST one of these breeds. I used to own a mixed German Shepard/Husky, his name was Franky, but my mom was too allergic so my dad sold him. I was pretty sad and mad about the whole matter because I had no real say in it, but when I get older I’m definitely gonna get another dog around the time I have a child. So they will be able to grow up with these amazing friends.

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7. I love to sing

Always have, I just try not to sing in front of my parents or in the public (Disturbing the peace is wrooonggg)

In the recent years I have sung the most though. People say I have a good voice so it makes me enjoy singing even more because, well, I know it’s one way I can help cheer people up and put a smile on their face. I think that’s why I love singing the most.

I can bring a smile to those I care about.

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6. I play with pokemon cards

That’s right yo, I know how to play the actual card game!
(I only play with my friends though, too sissy to play pro)

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5. I was born at 12 AM apparently.

Between Oct 30 and 31 (Halloween). My school stuff says I was born on Halloween, but my citizen and health stuff say 30. So Yea.. I was born on one of these days lol.

All my friends whip out dem holiday jokes when they remember my birthday.

"Ohh You’re born on Halloween? No wonder you are so ugly fantasticineverythingyoudo!”

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4. I have a tendency to get irritated/annoyed a lot.

Idkw. Just do. Possibly due to piled up piss-offs and stress from previously recent events at the time.

It would be wise to steer clear from me until I feel better. I really don’t like being mean and such to people close to me. But it’s really rare for me to get THAT mad to exert my negative emotions towards someone close so don’t worry. Just a warning. I’m a human being too.

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3. I’m into korean culture (Currently?)

I like their music. It really meshes well with my ears. And I enjoy the voices of many singers in the Korean music industry. I also watch dramas as you should know and yea, the majority of those are Korean dramas. I’m really interested in learning the language as well but man am I ever lazy. One of the few places that I actually want to visit is Seoul.

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2. I am picky about eyebrows

Idk I just am. Girls that draw their eyebrows are… “eh” to me because it seems kind of… mm unnatural. Even if it looks good, it’s a concept I’m still trying to get used to I guess. If I notice a girl’s eyebrow and I notice that I don’t like it… I always end up seeing it and yea. I don’t know if that’s considered shallow or anything, it just bothers me sometimes if they look weird.

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1. I am 5’10 (height)

Not too short
Not too tall
Juust right ;]

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